Thursday, October 29, 2009

Boba Milk Tea

I used to have a major addiction to boba milk teas. I would stop by Sam Woo every single day before class. As with any of my addictions, they seem to slowly disappear. I recently rediscovered this yummy drink and I've been drinking it almost every single day since.

Boba is really easy to make at home. The first thing you need is tea (or another beverage base). Most boba shops use powdered drink mixes from companies like lollicup. I like the taste of the milk tea powder but you can use one of the other flavored powders or even brew your favorite tea. You can get your boba supplies from here or here.

The second thing you need is the boba balls. The boba balls below are the most awesomest. They are 5-minute boba balls. Regular boba takes about 30 minutes to cook. These cook in five. I've been cooking them in small batches. I like my boba fresh. Fresh boba is slighly chewy and elastic. Boba balls are also available in a delicate green tea flavor but many shops stick with the dark brown ones.

The last thing you need is a big fat straw. This is very essential to suck up the boba balls while drinking the tea.

You can enjoy your boba either hot or iced. I had it iced a few days ago. I am having it warm today since it is a snow day and I see three-foot snow drifts outside my window.

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Alex ross said...

I enjoyed the drink.....its both nutritious and yummy.

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